for Africa's podcasters & music artists

Understand your fans

We help podcasters and music artists in Africa understand their fans, grow their audiences, and earn more money.




  • Who is dowloading
  • Which platform is performing best
  • Sales trends
  • Subscription management

Unlimited audio storage


Distribute everywhere

With Maroo, your podcast and music will be distributed to all the major music streaming and podcasting platforms that you select quickly, easily, and efficiently. You will then be able to manage all of them from a single platform.



We have several monetization opportunities for both podcasters and music artists. These include, but are not limited to, connecting music artists and podcasters to advertisers interested in advertising to their audiences, the ability to set up a paid subscription service for your fans, and more.


Multiple output bitrates

We understand that, especially across Africa, not everyone has the luxury of a high speed Internet service. As such, once you've uploaded your podcast or music, Maroo will make them available in different output bitrates for the listener to choose from.

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